How do I add a condition to a merge module?

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How do I add a condition around a merge module?


When merge modules are added to the .wsi, they are not pulled into the tables or Setup Editor. This is done when the .wsi is compiled into the .msi. Because of this, there are only two ways to place conditions on the Merge Modules.

  1. Once the .msi is compiled, right-click on it and open the .msi. Go to the Components tab of Setup Editor and search for components that were added by the merge module. If this is difficult to determine, open a new .wsi, add the merge module only, and look a the Components tab to determine which components are added when these merge modules are added. The condition should be added to the Condition field in the Component Details. You can access Component Details by right-clicking the component and selecting Details from the pop-up menu.
  2. Open the merge module and place the condition on each of the components in the Component Details of the merge module, then recompile the merge modules. When the installation is compiled, the custom actions are added directly into the .msi. The condition will need to be entered to work with the existing feature for the installation it is included with. Using the Null GUID in the condition builder will evaluate to a feature if it is the only one that exists on the computer. If the condition is more complex and the installation has many features, the Null GUID should not be used.

The first option will require you to add the condition into the .msi each time it is compiled.

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