How to manually install the Altiris Agent for Macintosh using the package file

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How do I manually install the Altiris Agent for Macintosh using the aex-nsclt file?

In order to run the installation manually, do the following:

  1. Copy the following files to the /tmp directory on the Mac client(s):
    • aex-agent-install-config.xml
    • aex-nsclt.6.2.1302.pkg.tar.gz
  2. Run the following commands:
    • mv aex-agent-install-config.xml .aex-agent-install-config.xml
    • tar xzvf aex-nsclt.pkg.tar.gz
    • sudo installer -pkg aex-nsclt.pkg -target /


  1. If you can specify that the commands run as root from Apple Remote Desktop, you do not need "sudo" in the installer command.
  2. The .aex-agent-install-config.xml file specifies an installation directory of /Applications/Utilities/Altiris/NSAgent.
  3. The aex-agent-install-config.xml file is obtained on the Notification Server console in the Altiris Agent Installation, install Altiris Macintosh Agent screen, under "Installation settings". By default, the file begins with a dot (.) and is hidden on UNIX/Linux/Macintosh systems. In this example, the dot was removed to facilitate transferring the files between systems.

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