Recovery Solution 6.2.2760 (6.2 SP2) hotfixes and known issues

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What are the Hotfixes and Known Issues for Recovery Solution 6.2.2760 (6.2 SP2)?

Please note that Recovery Solution 6.2.2801 (6.2 SP3) is released.

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760 (6.2 SP2) Hotfixes

This article contains links to all of the hotfixes released for Recovery Solution 6.2.2760. Subscribe to this article to be notified about all updates and additional hotfixes added in the future. Some of the hotfixes below are accumulative hotfixes.

  • Recovery Solution 6.2 SP2 Release Notes: 32170
  • Recovery Solution 6.2 SP2: 37993
  • Recovery Solution Best Practices: 26764
  • Recovery Solution Troubleshooting Help and Recovery Solution Diagnostics: 17465 33265
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Important notice: starting from this release, Altiris will try to track the proper version information for every hotfix .dll we release (where possible). For example, the Hotfix 1 .dll files will have the file version of 6.2.2760.1, Hotfix 2 will have 6.2.2760.2 and so on.

Description of hotfix severities

A Critical severity hotfix is a major bug in the solution which applies to all environments and configurations. It can cause major interruptions to the system.

A Medium severity hotfix applies to most environments and configuration but the impact of this is minor and only causes minimal impact to the solution. Normally an Agent side fix only.

A Low severity hotfix is a one-off fix to resolve a very minor issue in a very unique environment and/or configuration, this does not apply to everyone and before applying make sure that the root cause and configuration is exactly the same.

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Hotfix 1 (Severity: Low)

Article 36509, "Is there a way to control auto-healing in the SSM job"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Hotfix 2 (Severity: Medium)

Article 36313, "Cannot complete RS Cluster creation due to the timeout"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Hotfix 3 (Severity: Low)

Article 37490, "Recovery Server crash at startup in MS Load-Balanced cluster configuration"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Hotfix 4 (Severity: Critical)

Article 38762, "Storage Inaccessible and Data File Synchronization Job errors"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Hotfix 5 (Severity: Low)

Article 39462, "Unable to use wildcards to include certain file type into snapshot"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Hotfix 6 (Severity: Medium)

Article 40629, "Re-registration of Recovery Agent accounts after upgrade are causing user account lockouts"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Hotfix 7 (Severity: Medium)

Article 40630, "Local Recovery fails to create partition"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Hotfix 8 (Severity: Medium)

Article 40632, "All jobs are processed very slow by the Recovery Solution Server"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Hotfix 9 (Severity: Low)

Article 40633, "Users are prompted for credentials for accessing Recovery Solution Agent, and AeXRS_Users local group is empty on the Recovery Server"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Hotfix 10 (Severity: Low)

Article 40635, "Error appears on the attempt to view the 'Computers requiring RS Agent installation' collection"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Hotfix 11 (This HotFix includes Hotfix 6) (Severity: Medium)

Article 40783, "Local Recovery Integrity check is forced way too often on the client machine"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Hotfix 12 (Severity: Critical)

Article 40785, "Recovery Agents cannot see the Recovery Server because ''AeXRSVault'' ISAPI of IIS is under heavy load"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Hotfix 13 (Severity: Critical)

Article 40789, "AeXVault.exe crash during huge DTF recreation during snapshots"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Hotfix 14 (This HotFix includes Hotfix 4 and Hotfix 13) (Severity: Critical)

Article 40822, "NTFS sparse use in Server Space Management Job reworked"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Hotfix 15 (This HotFix includes HotFix 5HotFix 6 and HotFix 11) (Severity: Critical)

Article 40823, "Recovery Solution Agent R1"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Hotfix 16 (Severity: Medium)

Article 40786, "Migrate utility (AeXMigrt.exe) fails with unknown exception" 

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Hotfix 17 (Severity: Low)

Article 41728, "FSR Wizard hangs during ISO image creation"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Hotfix 18 (This HotFix includes HotFix 15 and HotFix 17) (Severity: Low)

Article 41774, "FSR information collection fails during the snapshot"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Hotfix 19 (This HotFix includes HotFix 14) (Severity: Medium)

Article 41777, "AeXVault.exe crash during Deletion or SSM jobs"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Hotfix 20 (Severity: Low)

Article 41796, "RSAFAL driver BSOD"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Hotfix 21 (Severity: Medium)

Article 41919, "FSR from USB Media fails with "Boot: Couldn't find NTLDR" or "A disk read error occurred. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" errors"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Hotfix 22 (This HotFix includes Hotfix 20 and Hotfix 18)(Severity: Medium)

Article 43036, "Controlling the Recovery Solution Agent System Tray icon right click options"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Hotfix 23 (Severity: Medium)

Article 43495, "Problem with national and special characters in the WBFR" 

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Hotfix 24 (This HotFix includes Hotfix 22)(Severity: Low)

Article 43336, "Connection to Recovery Solution Server is lost on a laptop when network interface is changed"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Hotfix 25

HF #25, a cumulative server-side hot fix was called back before it was officially published

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Hotfix 26 (Severity: Critical)

Article 43810, "Full system snapshot fails with "Directory cannot be removed" error on Vista client"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Recovery Solution Server Job Report Hotfix (Severity: Critical)

Article 45990, "Recovery Solution Server 6.2.2760 (SP2) Job Report"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Hotfix 27 (This HotFix includes Hotfix 24) (Severity: Medium)

Article 48833, "Incorrect client IP address in cluster database"

   Known Issues:

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Known Issue

Article 36207, "Recovery Solution databases not supported on compressed volumes"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Known Issue

Article 37924, "Receive error while downloading FSR Wizard, 'Insufficient disk space or incorrect browser configuration'"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Known Issue

Article 38637, "All snapshot complete with errors"


Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Known Issue

Article 42397, "Space occupied by a protected computer is not updated after SSM job is completed"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2760—Known Issue

Article 43929, "Event ID 55: NTFS disk error during snapshot"

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