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Which Altiris Knowledge base articles are useful in assisting with Altiris 6.x server or database migration?


Listed below are some articles which include steps and best practices for Altiris server and/or database migration:

Note: This information is designed for NS 6. It may not be applicable to NS 7.

Notification Server

  • Article HOWTO5538, "How do you migrate computers from one Notification Server (6.x) to another?"
  • Article HOWTO3177, "Steps to move Notification Server 6.0 SP3 from one server to another"
  • Article HOWTO2574, "How to move an existing Altiris NS 6.x database from one SQL server to a new SQL server
  • Article HOWTO5513, "How to Migrate Notification Server 6.0 agents when migrating the NS from One Domain to Another"
  • Article HOWTO4245, "How to move the Notification Server 6.x database from one location to another (SQL 2000)"

Helpdesk Solution

  • Article HOWTO5608, "Migrating Helpdesk from one server to another"

Deployment Solution 6.x

  • Article HOWTO1820, "Migrating PXE files from one DS to another"
  • Article HOWTO4575, "Copy Computers/Groups to another Deployment Server"
  • Article HOWTO5117, "How do you backup and restore the Deployment Server database?"
  • Article HOWTO2770, "How do I move the Deployment Server Database from one MSDE to another MSDE?"


  • Article HOWTO9096, "How to migrate your Microsoft SQL database to another Microsoft SQL database"



  • Article HOWTO2249, "What are the steps to move the eXpress MSDE Database to an SQL Database?"
  • Article HOWTO7261, "How to move database and transaction log files from one location to another in SQL 2005"
  • Article HOWTO8627, "How to move an existing Altiris database from one SQL server to a new SQL server 2005"


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