Performing a remote upgrade of BV-Control for UNIX agents

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Performing a remote upgrade of BV-Control for UNIX agents

You can use the Agent Remote Upgrade Job to conveniently upgrade the imported bv-Control for UNIX agents to CCS Agents.

Before you upgrade the registered bv-Control for UNIX agents, to the version 11.0, you must perform the following steps in the given order:

  • On the RMS Information Server, open the registry editor and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Bindview\bv-Control for Unix and set the value of the key MaxThreads to 10.

  • Apply 2012-1 Update on the BV-Control for UNIX 10.5.1.

    The 2012-1 Update copies the RapidFire file RF10575.rf to the <install_directory>\Symantec\RMS\Control\UNIX\rf folder. Do not change the file name.

  • Launch the RMS Console.

  • Expand the BV-Control for UNIX icon located on the left pane tree of the RMS Console.

  • Expand UNIX Enterprise and click All Servers.

  • In the right pane, select all agent computers.

  • Right-click the agent computers and click Update Rapid Fire.

  • In the Select Rapid Fire Package dialog, select the RapidFire file RF10575.rf, and then click Update.

  • On the CCS Console, go to Agent Management Tasks > Import Agents below v11.0, to import the BV-Control for UNIX 10.5.1 agents into CCS.

  • Before upgrading the bv-Control for UNIX agents, copy the RapidFire file RF11000.rf to the <install_directory>\Symantec\RMS\Control\UNIX\rf folder. Do not change the file name. The RF11000.rf file is located inside the bv-ControlUpgrade folder of the product media.

Your bv-Control for UNIX agents are now ready for remote upgrade to CCS 11.0.

Remote upgrade automatically performs a backup and restore of the agent configuration files.

Ensure that the hostname of the agent computer is present in the /etc/hosts file before upgrading the agent.

To perform a remote upgrade of bv-Control for UNIX agents

  1. Go to Manage > Asset System > Agents.

  2. In the table pane, select an agent which you want to remotely upgrade.

  3. Right-click the agent and select Agent Remote Upgrade.

    The Create or Edit Agent Remote Upgrade Job wizard appears.

  4. Provide relevant information in all the wizard panels to run the Agent Remote Upgrade Job.

    In the Specify CCS Manager and Agent Settingspanel of the wizard, check Do not remove existing agent. It is recommended that untill you complete the upgrade and perfrom data collection from the new deployment for the first time, you should maintain a co-exhistence of the bv-control for UNIX Agents and the CCS Agents.

  5. Import assets and agents to get the upgraded agents into CCS.

    See Importing assets and agents .

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