Updating target types

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Updating target types

You can only update target types of the custom standards.

To update the target types

  1. Do one of the following to launch the Update Target Types dialog box:

    • Go to Standard Tasks > Update Target Types.

    • In the Standards grid > select a custom standard > right-click > Update Target Types.

  2. In the Update Target Types dialog box, do the following:

    • Select a target from the All Target Types drop-down list.

      The drop-down list displays a cumulative list of all the target types that a standard includes.

    • Select one of the following actions from the Action drop-down list and then click OK:

      • Select Add to add a compatible target to the check.

      • Select Remove to remove an existing target from the check.


        If there is only one target associated with a check then CCS does not remove that target.

      • Select Replace to replace an existing target with the compatible target.

    • Select a target from the Compatible Target Types drop-down list.

You can view the updated target types list in the General tab. You can run an evaluation job against the checks on both selected and compatible target types.

See About update target types

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