How do I add other languages for my installation using transforms?

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How can I create my installation in other languages using a transform?


On the Languages page, you can turn one or more other languages on and then set the installation to output a separate .msi file for that language, or to output a transform (.mst) file for that language. This procedure shows you how to output a transform.

To create a transform that changes the language of your installation:

1.  Go to the Languages page in Installation Expert.

2.  From the Current Release drop-down list, select the release you want to create a transform for.

3.  Mark the checkbox next to the language you want to use for the transform. You can select more than one language for a package.

4.  Double-click on each language you will include in the project and complete the following fields: The Language Settings dialog box appears.
     a.  In the Destination File field for each selected language, enter the full pathname for the translated .mst file or browse out to that     location; be sure to include the file name with a .MST extension.
     b.  Click OK.

5. Compile your installation. A transform file (.mst) is created in the location you specified.

Note:  If you want to change the language in the dialogs that appear to the user during installation. Wise for Windows Installer languages page includes translations for all default dialogs. However, if you change the English text on a dialog, that change is not translated to the dialogs in other languages.

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