How can I prevent closed incidents from remaining in a queue?

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Background: By default, when a "Worker" closes an incident in Altiris Helpdesk Solution 6 and that incident is assigned to a queue, it can remain in queue, even though it is closed. For those that like to work from a queue, this can be annoying. Rather than manually reassigning each incident, it can be done automatically with an Incident Rule.

Question: When a Worker closes an incident that is in a queue, how can I prevent it from remaing in the queue?

To prevent incidents from remaining in queue when a Worker closes the incident, simply configure an Incident rule that will automatically assign the incident to the closing worker, if the incident is being closed while in a queue. 

  1. From the Admin menu in the Helpdesk console, create a new Incident Rule.
  2. Configure an appropriate name and comment for the rule
  3. Under Set these properties add an Advanced assignment. Configure it as follows:

  4. Leave the "to" section of the form blank and click OK
  5. The Set these properties section of the form should now show Set Assigned Worker to.
  6. With Set Assigned Worker to "" selected, click Edit and choose Modified by Worker from the drop-down list.
  7. Configure When to Every time incident is saved.
  8. Configure And as follows:


  9. Under normal conditions, this rule should not be Terminal.

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