Can the Event Console act as an SNMP Listener\Receiver?

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The Event Console can act as an SNMP Listener\Receiver. When Server Management Suite, Client Management Suite or  ITMS is installed, the Event Console will be installed as part of the respective suite install.  The Event Console acts as an SNMP Trap listener and will process Traps from resources that are configured with  theTrap destination that corresponds to the IP Address of the Symantec Management Platform \Event Console. If you click Manage, Events and Alerts, you will bring up the Event Console.Here is an example of the Event Console with an SNMP Trap shown:   


  To ensure that all SNMP Traps will be properly recognized b by the Event Console, it is advisable to import any 3rd part based MIB's via the MIB Import function. In this manner, the MIB Object included in these MIB's will map correctly to the incoming Trap and appear "well-formed" in the Event Console UI:    

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