Can Helpdesk 6.0 incidents and data be exported to other third party programs?

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Depending on what is desired to be exported, different answers apply:

Helpdesk Incidents
Helpdesk has no ability, including not being able to use Data Connector, to export its incidents to third party programs. ServiceDesk, its successor, can, however, import incidents from it using its own user interface. Refer to the following article on how to migrate data from Helpdesk into ServiceDesk:

Can ServiceDesk 7 migrate data from Helpdesk 6?

Helpdesk Administrative data
Administrative data can be exported directly from the Helpdesk user interface. This is accomplished using its Admin menu > Export Admin Data. Note: This exports data as an .xml formatted single file and so is not really viable for use in being able to be used to export data to a third party program.

Exporting data to standard formats
There are certain ways to copy data from Helpdesk into other formats, such as Word or Excel. This in turn could be used by third party programs to be imported in as non-live Helpdesk data. This primarily relates to viewing reports or query results. This data can be copy and pasted directly into Word or Excel. This could in turn be saved as an .xls or .csv formatted file, which a third party program may be able to import with perhaps some modifications beforehand.

The user may be able to leverage SQL directly. If so, they could copy data from the Altiris_Incidents data into a format that could then be ready the the third party program, such as .xls or .csv. For example, the workitem table in the Altiris_Incidents database holds all values for Helpdesk incidents.

Note: The above suggestions are provided as a courtesy to the customer. Symantec Technical Support is unable to provide assistance in "exporting" data from Helpdesk to third party programs. If the customer requires assistance in doing this, it is recommended to contact the vendor of the third party program for assistance or to hire a consultant.

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