[47005] IP Freq module: failure in post_process

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[47005] IP Freq module: failure in post_process

Error code: 47005

Error text: IP Freq module: failure in post_process

Affected module: brightmail_engine

Product version: Symantec Messaging Gateway 9.5 and later versions


  • Error in logs

  • The IP Frequency database is used to track statistics about the quality of the mail stream that is derived from various IP addresses. This data can be used to provide reduced responsiveness to the IP addresses that send a bad mail stream in terms of spam, viruses, or attempts to harvest directory information. The data is stored in a lightweight database. This error occurs when it fails to collect information and update IP Frequency database in post process.


Error indicates that the ipfreq module failed in post process. This error shows that there is failure in collecting recipient verdicting information and adding it to the connection IP's entry in the tally table. This error appears for many different conditions such as arguments for function are missing, message context has errors, cannot get connection address, and so on.


Check the log adjective to this error and you may find the reason for this error. For example, if the Bad argument passed to function message shows before this error, then the issue is because of a bad argument passed to the function.

This issue might also occur if the connection addresses could not be obtained.

Solution 1:

If it cannot get connection addresses, resolve the network issue or restart the DDS server as needed.

Solution 2:

  1. Recreate the IP Frequency database. Log into the admin CLI.

  2. Ensure that your bmserver and mta are running by entering the following command:

    service mta status

  3. All germane MTA instances and the bmserver should be running. If both MTA and bmserver are stopped, start them with the following command:

    service mta start

  4. If only the MTA or the bmserver are reported as stopped, start those stopped services using the control center

    Click Administration > Hosts > Configuration > Edit> Services.

  5. When all services are running, enter the following command at the admin CLI:

    delete ipfreqrules

    Confirm the deletion.

    The file is recreated from a clean basis with correct permissions and ownership. It can take a few minutes for this process to complete.

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