How the Helpdesk resource sync works

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The Helpdesk sync from the Notification Server Resources list works in the following ways:

  • Helpdesk syncs new users and computers (i.e., resources, which can include other asset types as well, such as monitors, etc., but which only users and computers are synced by default) and updates to existing ones from the Notification Server that it is installed into. However, the resources must already exist in the Notification Sever before this sync will work.
  •  The resource(s) to sync from in the Notification Server can be manually added by using CMDB Solution, brought in by an Altiris Agent, an Inventory Solution agent, by a Connector Solution Import Rule, imported in by a Microsoft Active Directory Import, imported in by an Inventory Forwarding Rule, added by Network Discovery, etc. The end result is that they must exist in Resources > Configuration Items/Organizational Types (or if CMDB Solution is not installed, in Resources > Organizational Structures). Helpdesk has no control over any of these processes; it is up to the user to ensure that the resources in question are in the Notification Sever before Helpdesk can sync them.
  • Certain resource fields must also be filled in before the resources can be synced.
  • The sync is one way: from the Notification Server to Helpdesk. Removing or changing resources in Helpdesk does not affect those that came from the Notification Server, and in fact, may be reverted back upon the next sync.
  • The Helpdesk sync process is controlled by the Incident Settings task (Configuration > Server Settings > Notification Server Settings > Incident Settings):

  • The internal way the sync is handled is through the nssource.xml file, located in the C:\Program Files\Notification Server\Helpdesk\AeXHD\templates folder. Depending on what Altiris Solutions are installed, this checks for resources to sync from in the Notification Server from the Core (Notification Server), Asset Management, or Inventory Solution resources, or a combination of all three. This also includes which data classes to sync to Helpdesk. Note: While the synced data classes can in theory be adjusted by customizing the nssource.xml, this is very limited in scope and is not recommended for most modifications. Information about minor changes to the nssource.xml can be found in the following article:

    Employee ID field from the Users are not populated to the Helpdesk contact

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