Notes on setting up Application Metering (AM) data collection

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Here is some suggestions about installing and setting up Application Metering (AM) on managed computers, to help ensure that AM data is being collected on the managed computer, forwarded to the NS, and stored in the Symantec_CMDB database.

Here are 3 areas on which to focus:

  1. ensure that the managed computers have installed the current versions of the necessary agents/plug-ins

    Before a managed computer can collect and forward Application Metering (AM) data, the Altiris (core) agent, Inventory Solution plug-in and the Application Metering (AM) plug-in must be installed. And for best results the latest versions of each of these should be installed.

    For additional details see KB article:
    Notes about installing and upgrading the Application Metering (AM) plug-in

    Also, for best results, periodically check and see that all managed computers remain current, especially when newly managed computers are added, or newer versions of the Altiris product are installed on the Notification Server (NS).
  2. ensure that the Altiris agent on managed computers is communicating with the NS.

    After we know that the managed computers have the latest agents/plug-ins, then we want to be sure that the SMA (core) agent is communicating with the NS regularly and requesting updated policies.

    Do this by checking for computers who have not requested a configuration (e.g. policies) recently. Here is KB that can help.

    How to create a filter for machines that have NOT sent a configuration in N days

    And monitor the results and if there are agents that have not requested policies lately then determine why they have not. They might be not reporting for good reasons, such as a Sales person took a laptop on a business trip, or an employee is on vacation and there computer has been turned off.
  3. ensure that the AM plug-in on the managed computers is communicating with the NS

    After we know that the SMA on the managed computers is communicating with the NS, we want to make sure that the AM plug-in is collecting data and forwarding it to the NS appropriately. This can be accomplished with an AM policy that monitors any executable that runs on these managed computers; ideally the executable is in all (or most) versions of Microsoft Windows (so we can monitor only executable, instead of several) and launches once each time a user logs in (so we generate data fairly frequently, but don't create an excessive amount of data). One such executable is Windows Explorer: "c:\Windows\Explorer.exe".

    Create a new Application Metering Policy
    - name such as "Heart-beat"
    - description, something descriptive.
    - on the software tab,
    - - create new Rule
    - - - Definition name = explorer.exe
    - - - File name = explorer.exe
    - - - click Ok
    - - click Save changes

    Then you will want to monitor that all managed computers, which are communicating with the NS are reporting that this executable is being run. If not, then more research may be in order.


If all of the above are working properly, we can be fairly confident AM is installed and setup correctly on the managed computers.

Next, you will want to ensure that AM is correctly monitoring the executables that are of interest to you.

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