[36002] Spamhunter module: failure loading rules

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[36002] Spamhunter module: failure loading rules

Error code: 36002

Related Errors and Warnings: 36003, 36101, 36008, 27501

Error text: Spamhunter module: failure loading rules

Affected module: brightmail_engine

Product version: Symantec Messaging Gateway 9.0 and later versions


This error appears in bmserver_log. The Spamhunter module is not used to filter mail until the module is successfully reinitialized. If this is an ongoing problem, you may see this error repeating every few minutes, or possibly every minute, as the module attempts to reinitialize every few minutes.

Possible conditions:

The most common cause is that something has caused the rule file for the module to become invalid.


If the error does not continue to occur, it can safely be ignored as the system has corrected itself. If the error continues to occur, you must manually remove the rules file and restart the connector. To remove the rule files, from admin CLI, run delete <name>rules command (for example, delete spamhunterrules). To restart the connector, from admin CLI, run the service connector restart command. For a list of possible options for the delete command including all the possible rule types, run the help delete command from Admin CLI.

Even if the above actions resolved the issue, you may see this error or other errors regarding rule loading or module initialization for a couple of minutes as the system finishes restoring itself. If after these corrective actions the error continues to occur, contact Symantec customer support for further assistance.

Log sample:

Following is a sample of the error message in the bmserver_log:

<date>T<time> (WARNING:15096.3062548160): [36003] Spamhunter
module: failure loading rules from file
<date>T<time>   (ERROR:15096.3062548160): [36101] Spamhunter
Module: no rulesets loaded.
<date>T<time>   (ERROR:15096.3062548160): [36002] Spamhunter
module: failure loading rules.
<date>T<time>   (ERROR:15096.3062548160): [36008] Spamhunter
module: initialization failure.
<date>T<time>   (ERROR:15096.3062548160): [27051] init_modules:
error while calling init function for module libspamhunter.

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