[10314] Could not write to an MDS object

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[10314] Could not write to an MDS object

Error code: 10314

Error text: Could not write to an MDS object

Affected module: brightmail_engine

Product version: Symantec Messaging Gateway 8.0 and later versions


The following error appears in your bmserver_log:

[10314] Could not write to an MDS object.


An attempt to commit a data structure to memory or disk failed. This error occurs when the relevant disk partition is close to full and the data structure that is required to commit to disk is large.


Solution 1:

Address any disk space issues on your appliance.

  • To reduce your disk space usage on the appliance, follow the instructions in the knowledge base article at:


  • You can use the admin CLI's list command to display the files that are potentially deletable. Look in particular for files under /tmp/jlu_downloads/. Look for directories consisting of long strings of numbers. If there are only one or two directories there, there is nothing else to do for this solution. If there are more than a handful of directories, you can safely delete all files and directories for all but the two highest numbered directories. Use the delete files command of the admin CLI to remove these files. After all files have been removed, restart the LiveUpdate service by logging into your Control Center. In the Control Center, click Administration > Hosts > Configuration. Select the host in question, click Edit. On the services tab, select the checkbox next to LiveUpdate and click Stop. When the page display updates to indicate that the LiveUpdate service has stopped, select its checkbox again, then click Start.

Solution 2:

Tune your appliance configuration to stress performance.

To tune your appliance to use available resources (disk and memory) as efficiently as possible, follow the instructions in the knowledge base article at:


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