How to change and move the backup location for a Clearwell appliance and cases

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Occasionally the case backup location has to be relocated in order to accommodate the volume of cases and backups that are needed.  This location is for all cases.  Separate locations for individual cases cannot be specified.   The following steps describe how to safely change and move the backup location for cases within Clearwell

Figure 1


How to safely change and move the backup location for cases

  1. Log in as SUPERUSER ( or a user with administrative privleges in Clearwell )  into the Clearwell interface
  2. Click on  "Support Features"
  3. For the "Choose a support feature" dropdown, select Property Browser
  4. For the "Select the case (or System)" dropdown, select System
  5. For the "Name of property to change" text field, type:
  6. Fo the "New value" text field, type the new location for the backups

    For example:
       Path  Description
    Example 1 D:\CASEBACKUPS Local path to the Clearwell server
    Example 2 \\servername\sharename Network path to a share on the network

  7. Check the box for "Confirm change. are you sure ?"
  8. Click Submit
  9. The output should then display the old and new values as shown in Figure 1 above
  10. A restart of the Clearwell services is required
    1. From the desktop of an administrative user logged into the Clearwell server, open the Clearwell Utility
    2. Type '3' (without the quotes) and press <enter> to stop the services
    3. Type 'Y' (without the quotes) and press <enter> to agree to stopping the services
    4. Press the <enter> key when the command line says 'Press any key to continue'
    5. Type '4' (without the quotes) and press enter to start the services
    6. Press the <enter> key when the command line says 'Press any key to continue'
    7. Close the command line window


The steps above will change / move the backup directory location.  The individual backups will be held at appropriate subdirectories under that location.  If the backup directory is changed, the existing backups will need to be moved to the new location.  Do not use the windows move routine.  Be sure to move the backups with a tool such as robocopy to ensure directory structure preservation.


How to change the appliance backup location for node backups

Create a network directory to store the backups which is accessible via UNC from the Clearwell appliance. For a clustered deployment, it is recommended to write each appliance backup to a directory of the same name such as:


  1. Open the file under

  2. At the end of the file, insert the following lines where the UNC path is that of the respective appliance directory created in Step 1.

    Note: For this configuration property, forward slashes / must be used in the directory path syntax.

    #Configure Remote Appliance Backup directory
  3. Save and close the file.
  4. On the appliance desktop, double-click the Clearwell Utility.
  5. Select Option 7 to Build Incremental Configuration Changes.
  6. For a clustered deployment, repeat this procedure on each appliance in the cluster.

The above steps will change the location of the appliance backups to the desired path.  Ensure that the location chosen meets the requirements of a backup location in the following technote.

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