How To Install A Custom Transform On The Symantec Clearwell eDiscovery Appliance

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1. Remote desktop into the Clearwell appliance.
2. Navigate to the Desktop. Once there, open the Clearwell utility by double clicking it. A command window appears, where you can see the current working directory (it might be a different location from what you see in this screenshot, depending on your specific installation)


3. Navigate to the current working directory found in step 2 above.
4. Locate a folder called data within the current working directory and enter the folder.
5. Locate a folder called esadb within the folder called data and enter the folder
6. Locate the folder whose name starts with dataStore_appliance… within the folder called esadb and enter the folder (see screenshot below for example).


7. Locate the folder called exportloadformats within the dataStore_appliance… folder and enter the folder.
8. Unzip the transform folder you have obtained from Clearwell in the exportloadformats folder. Within this new folder you should see a .java file, a .class file, one or more .xsl files, a .bat file, etc.
9. Locate a file called manifest_snip.xml. Open the file with a text editor and copy all the content. Now close this file.
10. Navigate one directory back up to the exportloadformats directory. Locate a file called manifest.xml and make a backup copy of the file. Now open manifest.xml and paste the content copied in step 9 above into this file, after the last </manifest>. Save and close the file.
11. Installation is complete. If you log into Clearwell from a browser now and try to export documents, you should see the new transforms in the Metadata dropdown.

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