How to disable the footer in PDF file created by Clearwell

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The following footer is created by Clearwell on PDFs 'Proprietary and confidential - Do Not Copy'.

The footer can be disabled by following these steps:

1. Log on to the Clearwell appliance

2. Go to the System Tab -> Additional Items -> Support 

3. Under step1: Choose a support feature, select ‘Property Browser’

4. Under "Name of property to change", enter esa.export.pdf.showMessageFooter'

5. Under "New value (leave blank to remove)", enter ‘n’ 

6. Check mark "Confirm change. Are you sure?*" 

7. Click on Submit

8. Repeat the steps above for the second property, esa.export.pdf.pdfstamper.footer, but leave the “New Value” blank

9. Restart services after the properties are set by running options 3, then 4 in the Clearwell Utility. 

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