How can I verify my Active Directory GRT backups are working?

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One way to ensure your AD backups are working properly is to create a dummy user within Active Directory.  Then complete a backup with the following policy settings:

Client = Domain Controller.
Policy Storage = Disk Storage Unit used for GRT backups.
Backup Selection = Shadow Copy Components:\.
Enable granular recovery box checked.

For this test I created an Active Directory user called Dummy A User.  After the test policy has been modified with the correct parameters and the GRT backup completed delete the dummy user within Active Directory.  Ensure extra care is taken to delete only the dummy user created for this test.

Procedure to restore the Active Directory user.

Open the backup, archive and restore GUI on the master server and located the GRT backup that I just completed.  Then select for restore\expand system state\expand Active Directory\expand DC=Domain_Controller_Name\expand CN=Users and locate test user and check the box to restore.


Then from the backup, archive and restore GUI select actions\restore - the Active Directory tab is active.  Check the "Recreate deleted objects that cannot be restored from the Active Directory Deleted Objects container".

Then select the General tab.  Click the overwrite existing files radio button.  Then select Start Restore.

You can view activity monitor to watch the progress of the restore.  Once the restore is complete you will need to verify the deleted user is now present in Active Directory.

At this point the restored user password must be reset (it is not restored with the user).  Select the user in Active Directory Users and Computers the right click and select reset password. 

 Type the new password and say OK.  Then highlight the user and right click and enable this user account.









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