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If you are experiencing any of the below problems, upgrade to Software Virtualization Solution 2.1 Hotfix 36647 (or above):

Article Title  Description  Article ID
Inserting a new USB device causes system crash Inserting a USB device that has never been used on the computer before cause the system to crash.  37505
When a layer is active and Print Spooler is restarted printers are removed When a Software Virtualization Solution layer is active and Print Spooler is restarted the printers are removed from the machine.  26368
Installing Software Virtualization Solution on Vista causes IIS to become inoperable After installing Software Virtualization Solution agent on a Vista computer with IIS installed, IIS becomes unresponsive.  37627
Software Virtualization Solution exposes a registry bug in Windows, causing a blue screen crash Software Virtualization Solution exposes a registry bug in Windows, which causes a system blue screen crash  37629
Memory leaks Multiple memory leak issues were identified and addressed in this build

This upgrade is Software Virtualization Solution 2.1.2084.


There are many causes; see the individual articles above for additional details.


To upgrade to Software Virtualization Solution 2.1 Hotfix 36647 (2.1.2084), download the attached file ( to the right of this article. 

The .exe file is used to install or upgrade a stand-alone installation. The .msi file is provided for use with Notification Server and Deployment Solution server where jobs/tasks have been predefined to use the .msi file. The .msi file will need to be manually replaced in the appropriate directory.

This build contains all fixes found in previous builds of Software Virtualization Solution 2.1.

See article 29519 for download locations of other versions.

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