How to change Clearwell's default export location.

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The default location for all exports is to the D: drive of the appliance.  For convenience or perhaps space limitations, it might be necessary to change the location to a different drive on the appliance or a mounted UNC path, or a UNC path itself.  Please use the following instructions to execute this change using the Clearwell User Interface (UI). 

Steps :

  • Within the Clearwell UI, go to System  -> Support Features
  • Under “Choose a support feature”, select Property Browser
  • Under “Name of property to change”, enter this property: esa.export.joboutput.external   (this is a System property for all cases)
  • Under “New value (leave blank to remove)”, enter the desired location
  • Select this “Confirm change. Are you sure?*”
  • Click Submit.

To test the new location, run a test export and select “Access only from appliance”.

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