Viewing messages in the Spam Quarantine

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Viewing messages in the Spam Quarantine

Table: View messages in Spam Quarantine describes the tasks that you can perform to view messages in Spam Quarantine. You can perform these tasks as needed in any order.

Table: View messages in Spam Quarantine



Learn how the users' Spam Quarantine differs from the Administrator's Spam Quarantine.

This topic provides a table that describes the differences.

See How Spam Quarantine differs for administrators and users.

View messages in Spam Quarantine.

View messages that are in Spam Quarantine to determine if they are spam or false positives.

See Viewing spam and suspected spam messages in quarantine.

View messages that are sent to the postmaster mailbox.

If Spam Quarantine cannot determine the proper recipient for a message that it receives and it is configured not to delete such messages, it delivers the message to a postmaster mailbox. The postmaster mailbox is accessible from the administrator's Spam Quarantine.

Your network may also have a postmaster mailbox that you access with a mail client that is separate from Spam Quarantine postmaster mailbox. Spam messages may also be delivered to the Spam Quarantine postmaster mailbox if there is a problem with the LDAP configuration.

See Viewing spam and suspected spam messages sent to the postmaster mailbox.

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