How to turn off the find similar feature

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The find similar feature is used to enable the grouping of similar emails/attachments.

Go to System Tab -> Additional Tasks -> Support

  • Under "Step 1: Choose a support feature", select Property Browser
  • Step 2 (optional): Choose an Appliance, do not change
  • Select the case (or system)*, select ‘Case’
  • From the case dropdown -- select the case
  • Under "Name of property to change", enter esa.enable.find.similar
  • Under "New value (leave blank to remove)", enter false
  • Check this option, "Confirm change. Are you sure?*"
  • Click on Submit (It will provide a confirmation of the change.)

A service restart is required for this to be activated.

Note: This feature was not available for cases indexed in pre-v60 versions.

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