How to change the Default Redaction Color

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Introduction  Steps on how to change the default redaction color

  1. login to the Clearwell UI as a System Administrator
  2. navigate to Home > Support Features
  3. under support features choose "Propery Browser"
  4. paste in (excluding quotes) "esa.export.draftPDF.redaction.color" into "Name of propery to change"
  5. paste in (excluding quotes) "0|0|0" (the default is "255|0|0" into "New value"
  6. Tick "Confirm change. Are you sure?*"
  7. and click Submit

Note #1 : No service restart is needed.

Note #2: The value 0|0|0 relates too R | G | B, Red = 0, Blue = 0, Green=0 therefore the default redaction color will be white.

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