[56058] Dayzero module: Failure applying body regex rules

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[56058] Dayzero module: Failure applying body regex rules

Error code: 56058

Error text: Dayzero module: Failure applying body regex rules

Affected module: brightmail_engine

Product version: Symantec Brightmail Gateway 9.0 and later versions


Error in logs


The server component of the Symantec Brightmail Gateway appliance encounters an error while attempting to apply one given rule to one given message part.


Solution 1:

Under normal circumstances there is no action to perform to resolve this issue. It can be derived from either a corrupted message part content or a single corrupted rule.

In the case of a corrupted rule, Symantec Brightmail Gateway continually monitors the effectiveness of rules. Rules that are ineffective are pruned regularly from the relevant ruleset. If a failure occurs when applying the rule to one given message part, the impact is minimal due to both the number and multiple types of rules applied to any given message. Messages with corrupt parts are identified as suspect in other ways so the impact of a single rule not being applied to such a message is considered to be minimal.

Solution 2:

In extreme circumstance where a large number of these errors are occurring repeatedly, you can delete the relevant ruleset from disk using the Admin CLI's delete command to remove the offending ruleset and force a full re-download of a new ruleset for the relevant module.

To delete a ruleset

  1. Log into the Admin account CLI on the relevant scanner.

  2. Tye the following command:

    delete dayzerorules

  3. Type Yes to confirm the deletion.

Solution 3:

This error can also occur due to general memory starvation on your scanner host. If your scanner logs show memory related errors in conjunction with this error, see Solution Map (2) on the following link:


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