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Symantec customers will now see changes we recently made to the Symantec technical support experience as we upgraded our systems.  Improving the support experience is one of our top priorities, and this upgrade was an important foundational step. 

Q1: What is changing in the case management system and what does this mean for me?
Symantec’s case management system has been upgraded recently.  As part of this change, you will gain greater functionality in the following areas:

  • Chat 
    • Quickly address simple support questions
    • Assistance with logging cases anytime, anywhere, 24X7
    • Request case updates
  • Online Case Submission
    • Choose preferred Symantec support contract when logging a case

To view some of the system changes and how they work, please refer to this video.


Q2: When should I use Chat?
Chat can be used for assistance logging a technical support case or to escalate an already existing case. If your inquiry requires additional assistance and investigation, the Symantec technical support representative will submit your case for resolution.

Q3: Why is Chat in English Only?
The current implementation provides Chat support in English only at this time.  Until further notice, additional language support is not available. If you require additional language support, please call into the available technical support phone lines.

Q4: Will I be able to submit an email to open a new case?

In order to provide the best support experience, Symantec customers may use either the Symantec technical support portal or phone to open a technical support case. The Symantec technical support portal offers customers an efficient, seamless process for case submission and management by requesting the information the technical support expert will need to resolve the case.  Please note that if you send an email request, you will receive an automated email reply redirecting you to the technical support portal and the technical support phone lines.

Q5: I don’t recognize the account name listed.  What should I do?

Symantec records may include account identification information (for example, account information relating to a legal entity that your company is associated with) that differs from account information that customers may typically use in the course of business. Please contact Symantec Technical Support via email or Chat for questions regarding your account name.

Q6: If I do not see my support service contract data when I try logging a case, what should I do?
All active entitlements should be displayed, if you do not see the Symantec support contract you wish to use when logging a case, you will have the option to provide additional information (such as Technical Contact ID, Support ID, support contract address) about your support contract while creating the new support case. Symantec will use that information to reference the correct support contract for your case. If you have questions regarding expired entitlements, please contact Symantec Technical Support via email or Chat.

Q7: Why am I being asked if a case can be worked in English, when English is not my native language?
For potentially faster case resolution, non-English speaking customers can choose to have a case worked in English.
Q8: Why do I see .wav files attached to my case?
Voicemails left for Symantec technical support experts will be attached to the case as an email with an accompanying .wav file.  Customers can access the voicemails on the technical support portal.
Q9: Why should I use my Technical Contact ID vs. Support ID?
Technical Contact ID (TCID) is now the main ID through which Symantec support will easily access your account and Symantec support contact information.  While Support IDs can also be referenced, your Technical Contact ID is the best way to ensure timely routing of your case.
Q10: How do I find my Technical Contact ID?
Contact Symantec Technical Support via email or Chat to inquire about your Technical Contact ID.

Q11: How are Designated Contacts added or deleted from Symantec support contracts?

Contact Symantec Technical Support via email or Chat to have Designated Contacts added to or deleted from support contracts. 
Q12: How can I update my contact information on the Symantec Technical Support portal?
You can make changes to your contact information by requesting the change directly via the technical support portal. Please reference the demo video available here if you would like to view how contact information can be updated.

Q13:  What browsers are supported by the Symantec Technical Support portal?

  • Microsoft IE versions 7, 8, 9
  • Mozilla Firefox, most recent stable version
  • Google Chrome, most recent stable version
  • Apple Safari version 5.1.x on Mac OS X


Q14:  Why can't I see all cases that I have created when I log into the support portal?
Cases that have been closed for more than 30 days at the time of the system upgrade were not migrated into the new system. If you would like more information on the cases that were not migrated, please contact Symantec Technical Support via email or Chat.

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