How to find all documents with duplicates within a Clearwell case.

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Frequently, users will need to determine how many documents in a collection have duplicates.  This article describes the process for finding (and reporting on) duplicates.

Resolution  The "print" feature will allow the export of a report in CSV format, of all documents contained in a search.
  • From Clearwell, select your case
  • Pull up the Entire Corpus by Searching “All Documents” and clicking the “Go” button.
  • Select Print option
  • From the Print job window
  • Select all documents
  • Format the print to CSV
  • Show document location 
  • Create a downloadable file – available from you Pickup window
  • From the Pickup window, open/save the CSV report
  • Documents with duplicates will have a value in “Document Source 2” column 


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