How to find the source location or locations of a document within a Clearwell case.

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When working with a document it may be helpful to find where the document came from.   This article will demonstrate a way to find the source path of a document.  


Quick method 

 If you have a few documents of interest and want to find out which source this document came from.  

  1. Navigate to the document in question.
  2. Hover over the icon in between the check box and the sender field

This will show some information about that document as shown with the screen shot below.   If the file has been processed from multiple places the document will have been de-duped and the multiple source locations will listed. 




Bulk Method

If you want to find the source path for a list of files you can: 

  1. Select the list of files
  2. Export their metadata using the standard.csv metadata group.
  3. View the "Locations"  field to see a source path. 




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