Policy Manager base license in CCS 11.0 PU-2012-1

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Policy Manager base license in CCS 11.0 PU-2012-1

Licenses are divided into two types: Base License and Per user license. The Base license is required to activate a product feature. For example, activating Policy Manager to use CCS for policy compliance and the Per user license is consumed per unit of usage.

CCS 11.0 PU-2012-1 now enforces Policy Manager base license to activate Policy Management feature.

After installing CCS 11.0 PU-2012-1, upon the launching the CCS Console, the following message appears informing the user that the Policy Manager base license is not installed:

Warning: Base license(s) for the following components are not installed:

Policy Manager

This message is shown only when Policy Manager is activated and the Policy Manager User Licenses are present, but no Policy Manager Base License is installed.

The user is advised to add the Policy Manager Base license using License management view. If the user does not have Policy Manager Base license, then the user is advised to purchase the Policy Manager base license by contacting the licensing team / account management team.

Note: PU-2012-1 does not block any functionality of Policy Manager, if the Policy Manager base license is not installed. This is only a warning message for the user to procure the new Policy Manager base license. Going forward a decision could be taken to deactivate the Policy Manager functionality, in case a base license is not installed.

The following License Management View screenshots display when the Policy Manager base license is not installed and when the Policy Manager base license is installed:

License Management View with no Policy Manager Base license


License Management View with Policy Manager Base license



The Symantec Licensing Portal is available online at https://licensing.symantec.com. Use any of the following methods to contact Symantec Licensing.
 *   for US customers: Call 1-888-727-8671 to open a new customer care licensing request.
 *   for other locations: refer to the information available at http://www.symantec.com/support/assistance_care.jsp
     *   Business hours for Basic Support are determined by regional business hours.
     *   Business hours for Essential and Platinum support are 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
     *   For additional information about contract terms and services, visit http://www.symantec.com/enterprise/support/support_policies.jsp.
     *   Send an e-mail to license@symantec.com<mailto:license@symantec.com>.
              *   Be sure to provide as much of the following information as possible in the e-mail:
Company Name
Company Address
Contact Name, email address, and phone number Symantec Agreement Number:
Purchase Order Number:
RTSM Number:
Serial Number:
Host ID:
License Key:
Service Contract Number:
Customer Number:
Certificate Number:
Contact ID Number:
Support ID Number:
Reference Number:
Comments or description of the issue:
     *   Open a new customer care case online at http://customercare.symantec.com/.

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