How to find files that were OCR'ed by Clearwell but have data indexed.

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Note : This only applies to Cases that were configured for OCR Processing

Firstly search for items that were OCR’ed by Clearwell:

1. From Case > Search & Analysis

2. Click on the Advance Search button 

3. Expand Flags block

4. Select File OCRed by Clearwell

Then Filter Scope of search for Attachments of Email or Loose files

1. Expand Scopes block
2. Depending on data crawled into Clearwell, select Document Type 
Loose file 
The search can be then narrowed by file type, e.g.  Find files (PDF) with no indexed text  

1. Expand File block
2. For Emails, check: Require attachment or file
3. Check option: Find documents with no indexed text
4. Filter by File Type > Adobe Acrobat PDF
5. Run the search and review the results.

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