Changing Your Windows Password with PGP WDE With Single Sign-On

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To synchronize your Windows password changes with PGP Whole Disk Encryption (PGP WDE), you must change your password for Single Sign-On using the Change Password feature in the Windows Security dialog box, which you access by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del.  


Note: You may also change your password when prompted by Windows that your password will expire during logging in.

To change your passphrase
1.  Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
2. Type your old password.
3. Type and confirm your new password.
4. Click OK.      
Single Sign-On automatically and transparently synchronizes with this new password with your PGP WDE passphrase. You can use the new password immediately, in your next login attempt.
Caution: If you change your password in any other manner—via Domain Controller, the Windows Control Panel, via the system administrator, or from another system—your next login attempt on the PGP BootGuard screen will fail. You must then supply your old Windows password. Successful login on the PGP BootGuard screen using your old Windows password then brings up the Windows Login username/password screen. You must then log in successfully using your new Windows password, at which time PGP WDE will synchronize with the new password.

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