Moving the AMTConfig (IntelAMT) Database

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Can I move the AMTConfig (IntelAMT) database from one SQL Server or instance to another?


Here are the steps to moving the AMTConfig (IntelAMT) database.

  1. Back up your existing IntelAMT database and restore it to the new SQL Server.
  2. Run AMTConfServer.exe (found on the NS Server at C:Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\NSCap\Bin\Win32\X86\OOB\IntelSCS) to uninstall the Intel portion of Out of Band Management Solution. This will uninstall the AMTConfig service and so on.
    1. Answer yes when asked, “Do you want to completely remove the selected application and all of its features?”
    2. Answer no when asked, “Are you sure you want to remove the Database 'IntelAMT' on 'Your server'?”, unless you wish to remove the original database.
  3. Run AMTConfServer.exe again to reinstall the Intel portion of Out of Band Management Solution and point to the new database.
    1. Accept the license agreement.
    2. Select complete install.
    3. Enter the user name used to start the AMTConfig service.
    4. Configure the AMTSCS Web Site.
    5. Select the new database server and authentication method.
    6. Type in the name of the database that you restored in step 1 (most likely IntelAMT).
    7. Select Install.
    8. Answer yes when asked, “The database 'IntelAMT' on 'Your server' already exists. Do you want to use the existing Database?”

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