How does Altiris identify OS Language on client systems

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What is Altiris capturing to determine OS Language? There are numbers which are not listed by Microsoft. For instance, Japanese  is listed as 1041 by Microsoft but Altiris has it listed as 17.  


Altiris uses the last two characters of the HEX number for language (as defined by Microsoft) and converts these to decimal and posts that to the database. For instance if Japanese is identified by MS as language 1041, then 1041 in hex is 0x411. Altiris takes the last two characters of this hex number (11) and converts it to decimal (17).

The reason for this non-standard language ID has to do with legacy support, i.e. for Win9x systems that lacked support for Unicode and had no WMI functionality. Standardization of the OS Language ID is planned to occur with the release of NS 7.0.

NOTE:  The OS Localized Name can be referenced in the database in the view vCultureLocalizedName.

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