Protecting Workflow and Servicedesk from Dangerous File Attachments.

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 Workflow and Servicedesk both support the ability to add attachments to processes. For Servicedesk, that can be an incident, change request or problem, and for Workflow, however your workflows are designed to use file attachments.  One concern is the fact that you are able to add any potentially damaging attachments to the process.  The procedure outlined below will help you control those attachment types.

Here are the steps to configure the types of file attachments that are allowed:

1.            Open the Admin>Portal>MasterSettings Tab

2.            Scroll to the Document Management Section

3.            Find the Silent Document Type Add and UNCHECK the box

4.            Click Save at the Bottom of the Page

5.            Now open Admin>Data>Document Type

6.            By unchecking the option in Step 3, you have forced the application to respect the settings on this page.

7.           All you need to do is add only the document types that you want to support.

Please note that after configuration, the actual use of this in the attachment sections of Servicedesk will let you appear to add the incorrect attachment.  However, when you open the process view, you will find that there is no attachment added.  The application has correctly filtered out the  invalid attachment.

If you use any of the file attachment web parts in your own workflows, or in the Process Views provided by Servicedesk, they will deny the attempt to add any file attachments that are not in the approved list as configured in Step 7 above.

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