How to remove the timestamp from produced images.

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Outlook adds a date automatically to the bottom of an e-mail when printed. When a production set is created within Clearwell this date is also automatically added to the bottom of the e-mails. 

This is a limitation of Microsoft Outlook 2003, which is used by Clearwell 6.x to display emails.

To workaround this limitation an additional separate server must be set up to handle the renderings using a more recent version of Outlook.

Option 1
Upgrade to Clearwell version 7.x and higher

Option 2
Deploy a Clearwell Utility node that has Microsoft Office 2010 installed.

A few caveats:

  • For DocIDs already produced, the cached versions of the documents need to be cleared before re-rendering them. This means unproducing the production, re-rendering, and then locking the production.
  • For DocIDs with redactions, there is a risk that the placement of these redactions may shift, due to updates in the way that Outlook renders the email (the redaction coordinates are fixed, whereas the canvas is changing).

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