How to gather information for a HP hardware issue

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Contacting HP hardware support
Before you contact HP support you should collect the basic information below. 

Server Model Number:
Server Serial Number:
Server Product Number:

The HP support phone number 800-334-5144
When contacting HP you should refer to your HP system as "Proliant running Microsoft" when asked.

Additional information (potentially needed)

To expedite the debugging process for hardware issues you should be ready with additional information.  This section describes what the HP hardware support engineer will ask for to start the diagnostic process. More specifics may be requested based on the issue. For some of this additional information you may need to install the HP support pack. See the section on "configuring the appliance" at the bottom of this article if you need to install the HP support pack.

Typically for hardware issues you will have to run Array Diagnostic Utility(ADU) so that you can send it to HP for analysis:

all programs->Hp System tools ->Hp Array diagnostics utility-> Hp Array diagnostics utility


You may be asked to send the IML log:

Once you login to the page Integrated Lights Out (ILO) , you will find an option called IML log (Integrated Management Log).  From there you can save the log and send it.  

If you only have access to a command line interface you can still extract some information to report back to the HP tech support engineer.

You can run:

show /map1/log1           - Displays the iLO 2 event log


To use telnet, the iLO 2 Remote Console Port Configuration and Remote Console Data Encryption on the Global Settings screen must be configured as follows:

1. Set the Remote Console Port Configuration to Enabled.

2. Set the Remote Console Data Encryption to No.


You can open either a telnet based Remote Console session or a browser-based Remote Console session. You cannot open both at the same time. An error message is generated if both sessions are opened simultaneously.

To access iLO 2 using telnet:

1. Open a telnet window.

2. When prompted, enter the IP address or DNS name, login name, and password.

NOTE: Access through telnet will be disabled, if the remote console port configuration on the Global Settings tab is set to Disabled or Automatic, or if remote console data encryption is enabled.


Configuration of the appliance
(If your system has the support package you can skip this section)

The HP appliance may not have had the proliant support pack installed. If the support package has not been installed follow the steps below to install the support package.  Navigate to
Control panel > programs > Select program features > turn windows features on and off >Select features

Add features   SNMP  

Install the Software - Support Pack  (Software - Support Pack)


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