Can old CMDB or Asset Management 6.5 reports be used with CMDB or Asset Management 7.x?

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Certain old reports are no longer available for Solutions, such as CMDB or Asset Management 7.x. For example, many power and UPS-related reports are no longer available. You want to know how to continue using these with the current Symantec Management Platform.

Certain old CMDB 6.5 or Asset Management 6.5 reports were intentionally not brought forward to their 7.x counterparts, and are therefore considered obsolete and not necessarily compatible with 7.x. Reasons for this include lack of functionality or changed or removed tables/data classes. While these reports may still work on 7.x, the user would need to manually export these from their old Notification Server 6 server then import into their 7.x server.

Note: If the desired reports are then imported but fail to work 100%, please note that Symantec Technical Support will be unable to assist in making these work. As discussed, these were not included for specific reasons and if they are not included with the current out of box products, they are technically not designed to work with 7.x. As such, the user would try these at their own risk, ask they are "AS-IS" and may or may not function correctly or at all. They may wish to clone and edit the report and then determine if the tables/data classes involved are still valid, if not, have these been changed to others. If changed, the report could then be modified. Symantec Technical Support would be unable to assist with customizing old reports in this fashion.

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