Managing administrator accounts

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Managing administrator accounts

You can use administrator accounts to manage Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager datacenters. Administrators log on to Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager to change policy settings, manage groups, run reports, and install client software, as well as other management tasks.

The default account is a system administrator account, which provides access to all features. You can also add a more limited administrator account, for administrators who need to perform a subset of tasks.

For a small company, you may only need one administrator and one domain. For a large company with multiple sites and Windows domains, you most likely need multiple administrators, some of whom have more access rights than others. You may also need to add multiple domains within Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager.

You manage domains and administrator accounts and their passwords on the Admin page.

Table: Account administration



Decide whether to add multiple domains

Decide whether to add domains.

See About domains.

See Adding a domain.

See Switching to the current domain.

Add administrator accounts

Add accounts for administrators who need access to the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager console.

Unlock or lock an administrator account

By default, Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager locks out an administrator after a user tries to log on to Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager using the administrator account too many times. You can configure these settings to increase the number of tries or time the administrator is locked out.

The lockout interval doubles with each subsequent lockout. Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager restores the original lockout interval after a successful logon, or 24 hours after the first failed logon attempt.

See Unlocking an administrator's account after too many logon attempts.


If an administrator is locked out of their account, they must wait the specified time before logging on again. You cannot unlock an account during the lockout interval.

Reset passwords

You can perform the following tasks for passwords:

Configure log on options for Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager

You can configure the following logon options for each type of administrator:

See Logging on to the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager console.

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