Excluding a trusted Web domain from scans on Windows clients

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Excluding a trusted Web domain from scans on Windows clients

You can exclude a Web domain from virus and spyware scans and SONAR.

You must enter a single domain or IP address when you specify a trusted Web domain exception. You can specify only one domain at a time. Port numbers are not supported. You must specify an IP address for an FTP location.

When you specify an IP address, the exception applies to both the specified IP address and its corresponding host name. If a user navigates to a location through its URL, Symantec Endpoint Protection resolves the host name to the IP address and applies the exception.


If Download Insight or Auto-Protect is disabled, trusted Web domain exceptions are disabled as well.

To exclude a trusted Web domain from scans on Windows clients

  1. On the Exceptions Policy page, click Add > Windows Exceptions > Trusted Web Domain.

  2. In the Add Trusted Web Domain Exception dialog box, enter the domain name or IP address that you want to exclude.


    You can specify a URL, but the exception uses only the domain name portion of a URL. If you specify a URL, you can pre-pend the URL with either HTTP or HTTPS (case-insensitive), but the exception applies to both. Regardless of whether a user navigates to the domain through HTTP or HTTPS, both Download Insight and SONAR exclude the domain. If the user navigates to any location within the domain, the user can download files from that location.

    You can specify an IP address, but it must be HTTP. For HTTPS, you can only specify a URL.

  3. Click OK.

  4. Repeat the procedure to add more Web domain exceptions.

See Creating exceptions for Virus and Spyware scans

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