Configuring the disk space that is used for LiveUpdate downloads

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Configuring the disk space that is used for LiveUpdate downloads

In Symantec Endpoint Protection version 12.1.5, LiveUpdate content revisions are stored differently on the management server than in previous versions. Instead of storing full content for every revision, the server stores only a single full content package, plus subsequent content deltas. When a content revision is requested, the content package for the revision is reconstructed from the full package plus the appropriate deltas. This approach reduces the disk space that is required to store multiple content revisions on the server.

If you select 500 or fewer clients during the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager installation, then by default Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager now stores 12 LiveUpdate content revisions for each content type. If you select 500 to 1,000 clients, Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager stores 12 revisions by default. If you select more than 1,000 clients, then Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager stores 30 revisions by default.

To configure the disk space used for LiveUpdate downloads

  1. In the console, click Admin.

  2. Click Servers and select the site that you want to configure.

  3. Under Tasks, click Edit Site Properties, and then click LiveUpdate.

  4. Under Disk Space Management for Downloads, type the number of content revisions that you want to store.

  5. Click OK.

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