Setting up firewall rules

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Setting up firewall rules

Table: How to setup firewall rules describes how to set up new firewall rules.

Table: How to setup firewall rules




Step 1

Add a new firewall rule

You can add new firewall rules through the console using several methods. One method lets you add a blank rule that has default settings. The other method offers a wizard that guides you through creating a new rule.

See Adding a new firewall rule.

Another way that you can add a firewall rule is to export existing firewall rules from another Firewall policy. You can then import the firewall rules and settings so that you do not have to re-create them.

See Importing and exporting firewall rules.

You can save time creating a new firewall rule by copying an existing rule that is similar to the rule that you want to create. Then you can modify the copied rule to meet your needs.

Step 2

(Optional) Customize the firewall rule criteria

After you create a new rule, or if you want to customize a default rule, you can modify any of the firewall rule criteria.

See Customizing firewall rules.

See Managing firewall rules

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