Changing Tamper Protection settings

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Changing Tamper Protection settings

Tamper Protection provides real-time protection for Symantec applications that run on servers and clients. It prevents threats and security risks from tampering with Symantec resources. You can enable or disable Tamper Protection. You can also configure the action that Tamper Protection takes when it detects a tampering attempt on the Symantec resources in your network.

Tamper Protection settings are configured globally for a selected group.

To change Tamper Protection settings

  1. In the console, click Clients.

  2. On the Policies tab, under Settings, click General Settings.

  3. On the Tamper Protection tab, check or uncheck Protect Symantec security software from being tampered with or shut down.

  4. In the list box under Actions to take if an application attempts to tamper with or shut down Symantec security software, select one of the following actions:

    • Log only

    • Block and do not log

    • Block and log

  5. Click the icon to lock or unlock the options on client computers. When you lock an option, you prevent user changes to the option.

  6. Click OK.

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