About Shared Insight Cache

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About Shared Insight Cache

Shared Insight Cache use improves performance in virtual infrastructures. Files that Symantec Endpoint Protection clients have determined to be clean are added to the cache. The subsequent scans that use the same virus definitions version can ignore the files that are in the Shared Insight Cache. Shared Insight Cache is used only for scheduled and manual scans.

The network-based Shared Insight Cache runs as a Web service that is independent of the Symantec Endpoint Protection client. Shared Insight Cache uses a voting system. After a client uses the latest content to scan a file and determines that it is clean, the client submits a vote to the cache. If the file is not clean, the client does not submit a vote. When the vote count for a file is greater than or equal to the vote count threshold, then Shared Insight Cache considers the file clean. When another client subsequently needs to scan the same file, that client first queries Shared Insight Cache. If the file is marked clean for their current content, then the client does not scan that file.

When a client sends a vote to Shared Insight Cache, the cache checks the version of content that the client used to scan the file. If the client does not have the latest content, Shared Insight Cache ignores the vote. If newer content is available, the newer content becomes the latest known content and Shared Insight sets the vote count back to one.

To keep the cache size manageable, Shared Insight Cache uses a pruning algorithm. The algorithm removes the oldest cache entries, which are those with the oldest timestamp, first. This algorithm ensures that the cache size does not exceed the memory usage threshold.

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