About multi-year licenses

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About multi-year licenses

When you purchase a multi-year license, you receive a set of license files equal to the number of years your license is valid. For instance, a three-year license consists of three separate license files. When you activate a multi-year license, you import all of the license files during the same activation session. Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager merges the separate license files into a single activated license that is valid for the purchased duration.

While not recommended, it is possible for you to activate fewer than the full complement of license files. In this case, Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager merges the files and applies the duration of the license file that expires last. For instance, a three-year license that is activated with only the first two files indicates a duration of only two years. When you activate the third file at a later date, Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager accurately reports the full duration of the license as three years. In all cases, the number of seats remains consistent with the number of seats that you purchased.

When Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager merges files, it deletes the shortest duration files and keeps the longest duration file for internal license-keeping functions. If you think that Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager inappropriately deleted a license, recover and reactivate the deleted license.

You can see the license serial numbers of shorter duration that are associated with the active license. On the Admin page, click Licenses and then click the activated license. The associated licenses appear in the Associated Licenses column.

See Recovering a deleted license.

See Licensing Symantec Endpoint Protection.

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