Which features should you install on the client?

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Which features should you install on the client?

When you deploy the Windows client installation package with the Client Deployment Wizard, you must choose the feature set. The feature set includes multiple protection components that are installed on the client. You can select a default feature set or customize the feature set. Decide which feature set to install based on the role of the computers, and the level of security or performance that the computers need.

Table: Client installation feature sets lists the default feature sets for Windows clients and their roles.

Table: Client installation feature sets

Feature set


Full Protection for Clients

Recommended for workstations, desktop, and laptop computers.

Includes all protection technologies. Appropriate for laptops, workstations, and desktops. Includes the full download protection and mail protocol protection.


Whenever possible, use Full Protection for maximum security.

Full Protection for Servers

Recommended for servers.

Includes all protection technologies except email scanner protection. Appropriate for any servers that require maximum network security, including the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager server.

Basic Protection for Servers

Recommended for high-throughput servers.

Includes Virus and Spyware Protection and Basic Download Protection. Since intrusion prevention may cause performance issues on high-throughput servers, this option is appropriate for any servers that require maximum network performance.

After installation, you can enable or disable some features within of the protection components in the security policies.

The Mac client installation package installs Virus and Spyware Protection, and intrusion prevention. You cannot customize the features for the Mac client installation package.

The Linux client installation package only installs Virus and Spyware Protection.

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