Clearing log data from the database manually

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Clearing log data from the database manually

You can perform a manual log sweep after backing up the database, if you prefer to use this method as part of routine database maintenance.

If you allow an automatic sweep to occur, you may lose some log data if your database backups do not occur frequently enough. If you regularly perform a manual log sweep after you have performed a database backup, it ensures that you retain all your log data. This procedure is very useful if you must retain your logs for a relatively long period of time, such as a year. You can manually clear the logs, but this procedure is optional and you do not have to do it.

See Backing up the database and logs.

See Specifying how long to keep log entries in the database.

To clear log data from the database manually

  1. To prevent an automatic sweep of the database until after a backup occurs, increase a site's log size to their maximums.

  2. Perform the backup, as appropriate.

  3. On the computer where the manager is installed, open a Web browser and type the following URL:


    After you have performed this task, the log entries for all types of logs are saved in the alternate database table. The original table is kept until the next sweep is initiated.

  4. To empty all but the most current entries, perform a second sweep. The original table is cleared and entries then start to be stored there again.

  5. Return the settings on the Log Settings tab of the Site Properties dialog box to your preferred settings.

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