Adding a location to a group

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Adding a location to a group

When you add a location to a group, you specify the conditions that trigger the clients in the group to switch to the location. Location awareness is effective only if you also apply appropriate policies and settings to each location.

To add a location to a group

  1. In the console, click Clients.

  2. In the Clients page, under Clients, select the group for which you want to add one or more locations.

  3. On the Policies tab, uncheck Inherit policies and settings from parent group "group name".

    You can add locations only to groups that do not inherit policies from a parent group.

    You can also click Add Location to run the Add Location wizard.

  4. In the Client page, under Tasks, click Manage Locations.

  5. In the Manage Locations dialog box, under Locations, click Add.

  6. In the Add Location dialog box, type the name and description of the new location, and then click OK.

  7. To the right of the Switch to this location when box, click Add.

  8. In the Type list, select a condition, and then select the appropriate definition for the condition.

    A client computer switches to the location if the computer meets the specified criteria.

  9. Click OK.

  10. To add more conditions, click Add, and then select either Criteria with AND relationship or Criteria with OR relationship.

  11. Repeat steps 8 through 9.

  12. Click OK.

See Managing groups of clients.

See About strengthening your security policies for remote clients.

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