Adjusting the firewall security level

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Adjusting the firewall security level

When you adjust the firewall security level, you select how strictly you want to restrict network traffic.

The security levels are as follows:


The Low security level allows all IP incoming traffic and outgoing traffic.

Low is the default security level.


The Medium security level enforces the Low security level. It also blocks TCP incoming traffic and UDP stateful incoming traffic.


The High security level blocks all IP incoming traffic and outgoing traffic.

To adjust the firewall security level

  1. In the console, click Policies.

  2. On the Policies page, select the Firewall policy, and then right-click Edit.

  3. In the policy, click Firewall Rules.

  4. In the policy, check Enable this Firewall Policy, and then select Customize the default settings.

  5. In the policy, select the security level setting.

  6. Click OK.

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