Finding offline computers

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Finding offline computers

You can list the computers that are offline.

A client may be offline for a number of reasons. You can identify the computers that are offline and remediate these problems in a number of ways.

See Troubleshooting communication problems between the management server and the client.

To find offline computers

  1. In the console, click Home.

  2. On the Home page, in the Endpoint Status pane, click the link that represents the number of offline computers.

  3. To get more information about offline computers, click the View Details link.

To view offline client computers in the Computer Status log

  1. In the console, click Monitors.

  2. On the Logs tab, from the Log type list box, click Computer Status.

  3. Click Advanced Settings.

  4. In the Online status list box, click Offline.

  5. Click View Log.

    By default, a list of the computers that have been offline for the past 24 hours appears. The list includes each computer's name, IP address, and the last time that it checked in with its server. You can adjust the time range to display offline computers for any time range you want to see.

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