About installing an Enforcer appliance

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About installing an Enforcer appliance

You select the type of Enforcer appliance that you want to use during the installation process. Before you start to install any of the Enforcer appliances:

  • Familiarize yourself with the locations of the components in your network.

  • Locate the Symantec Network Access Control Enforcer installation Disc 2.

    This disc contains the software for all the types of Symantec Network Access Control Enforcer appliances.

  • Identify the host name that you want to assign to the Enforcer appliance. The default host name is Enforcer. You may want to change this name to make it easier to identify each Enforcer appliance in a network.

  • Identify the IP addresses of the network interface cards (NICs) on the Enforcer appliance.

  • Identify the IP address, host name, or domain ID of the Domain Name Server (DNS), if applicable. Only DNS servers can resolve host names.

    If you want the Enforcer appliance to connect to a Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager by using a host name, it needs to connect to a DNS server.

    You can configure the IP address of the DNS server during the installation. However, you can use the configure DNS command to change the IP address of a DNS server from the Enforcer console with the Configure DNS command.

See Installing an Enforcer appliance.

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